Even though we take great pride in our registered Brahman cattle we are primarily a commercial cattle operation.  We use our production Brahman genetics as the base for our commercial herd.  The herd consist of basically two types of management groups - the Brahman sired brood cows and Angus or Herford crossed with the Brahman sired cows.  While our genetic program is constantly evaluated and updated the philosophy  has not changed for many years.  Our cattle must be able to perform on low quality forage in sub-tropical conditions.  For adaptability in these conditions all our brood cows have 3/8 or greater Brahman influence.  This is why our Brahman genetics are so important to us.  The moderate framed, easy-fleshing, & fertile brood cows produce in this environment.  All calves are marketed at weaning through a contract with stocker buyer.  We also raise all our own replacement heifers.

Also check out the Florida Brahman Association website for more info on using Brahman cattle in crossbreeding. 

Producing cattle that will thrive in a sub-tropical environment on low quality forage


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