The Doc Partin Ranch was once part of the Heart Bar Ranch of Kissimmee, FL started by Henry O. Partin in the 1920's.  On rough native terrain of then rural central Florida Henry O. began cattle ranching.  With the help of his four sons he improved pasture and built his ranch.  In an attempt to better his Florida cow herd he brought the first registered Brahman cows to the state in 1933.  These cattle would forever change the face of the Florida cattle industry.  The popularity of Heart Bar Brahman cattle helped Henry O. and his family grow the ranch. While the registered Brahman herd was an important part of the Heart Bar they still were primarily commercial cattle producers. Then in 1984, 13 years after his death, the Heart Bar Ranch was split between his 5 children.  Henry H. "Doc" Partin was deeded part of the Canoe Creek property south of St. Cloud and the Doc Partin Ranch(DPR) was born.  Doc carried on the Partin family tradition and continued the produce quality commercial cattle and a limited number of registered Brahmans.  Several years ago as the Brahman breed began to have a resurgence DPR grew their high quality production-oriented Brahman herd while continuing to advance their commercial herd as well.  Today DPR also is involved in sod production and Osceola Turkey hunting.  We hope the future will bring new avenues for advancement that we can explore for the betterment of, not only the Florida cattle industry, but the Brahman breed and beyond.

Respecting tradition while building tomorrow's cattle 


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